base class CharacterEntry CharacterComponent

d6Engine base classes used for resources


default_check(value:[<class 'int'>, <class 'str'>], entry:object) -> bool

default verifier for character attributes


value : data :


: bool


CharacterEntry(self, label:str, value:[<class 'int'>, <class 'str'>], checks:list=None)

base class character entry



label: str string identifying the entry value: int, str data held in the entry checks: list of func = default_check(value: [int, str], data: dict) -> bool list of functions used to verify value before setting message: str last internal object message


name: str (read-only) auto generated with slugify(label) messages: list of str list of all internal object messages


Check functions must take the new value and the entry object as parameters and only return a bool. The checks will be run in serial based on the order given until all succeeded or a check fails by returning a False. If a test fails an exception will be raised, if all pass the new value will be set. Each check and the final status is stored as a message on the object.

.. def name(value: [int, str], entry: object) -> bool .. if entry.name != 'something': .. return False .. else: .. return True